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Tender & Pre-tender Support

Right from Inception, Techture works closely with clients and extends its services for easier execution of the project. We assist our clients in Tendering stage and provide multiple solutions.

Developing Model & Sheets from concept to tender

With our vast experience, we can help to go from Conceptual stage to Designing stage enabling you to float tenders to invite bids. We can develop models as per your requirement and derive multiple sheets or drawings to do feasibility analysis.

Developing Model & Sheets from concept to tender

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Pre-tender and tender visualization - 4D simulation - Construction methodology

Pre-tender and tender visualization - 4D simulation - Construction methodology

At Techture, we assist you in preparing your bids right after tender is floated. We assist you in creating a 3D model out of the 2D drawings provided in the tender and help you with Quantity estimation. Rendered visualization and 4D simulation done by our experts can help you in planning construction methodology and setting up your bid. Once the project is awarded you can take leverage of the BIM model for further project execution.


Featured Projects

We have successfully delivered ---- (Insert no.)  sqft of projects using our expertise in Visualisation & Virtual Reality. Our engineering team has demonstrated experience using the latest tools and technologies to create re ndered views and visualization of assets. View our portfolio of projects that we have delivered.

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