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BIM Managers

Learn why our experienced BIM Managers stand out as the ideal choice for delivering successful projects on time and within budget.

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This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture. We challenge, support and engage with you to create value through a successful transformation.

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Direct Communication
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At Techture, we offer our clients direct communication channels to their chosen BIM team, facilitating real-time updates, collaborative discussions, and prompt resolution of inquiries. Clients are well-informed about project progress, can address concerns promptly, and witness the accurate realization of their visions.

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Zero upfront investment
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We provide clients with the advantage of zero upfront investment. During the team selection process, no upfront payments or commitments are required. Clients have free access to browse our pool of professionals and their profiles, skill sets, and experience. Payment plans are customized to the client's budget and project requirements, ensuring a risk-free and financially flexible selection process.

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Plug 'N Play
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Techture allows clients to effortlessly integrate their selected BIM team into their projects. Once clients have handpicked their ideal team, and software developers, they can immediately plug them into their project without any delays. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures that the chosen team is readily available to start working on the project, saving valuable time and resources. 

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Your team - selected by you
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Techture provides clients with the flexibility to customize their BIM team according to their project requirements. Clients can handpick team members with aligned knowledge and experience to meet their specific goals. This tailored approach allows for the creation of a cohesive and efficient team that perfectly aligns with the client's vision and intended outcomes.

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100% Control
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At Techture, we give clients 100% control over their BIM team's tasks. Clients have direct communication with their selected engineers, architects, coordinators, managers, and software developers, ensuring smooth coordination and clarity of project objectives. They can delegate responsibilities, review progress, and provide feedback directly to their team, ensuring precise alignment with their vision and expectations.

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At Techture, we prioritize transparency in every step of our BIM process and clients have direct communication channels with their team, enabling open dialogue and real-time updates on progress. Clients can witness every aspect of their project's development, including collaborative decisions, feedback, and adjustments, fostering a clear and accountable partnership with their chosen team. 

Top BIM Services Company

BIM Manager Expertise

Hire the best BIM Managers from Techture, who are proficient in Revit, Advanced Steel, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, BIM 360, Dynamo, ETABS, Green Building Studio, Infraworks, Insight 360, Microsoft Project, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, Revizto, Robot Structural Analysis, etc. Our proficiency and experience with BIM tools and Project management help us tackle complicated and challenging problems for our clients.

Uncompromised Quality Assurance

To ensure quality assurance, our BIM Managers  review the work at every stage of project by using automated and manual testing techniques. This is done to ensure that the every submission is accurate, detailed and as per the scope of the project .

Hire Dedicated BIM Managers

Hire a dedicated team of BIM Managers at affordable prices from Techture who possess top-of-the-line expertise in BIM services. Being a leading BIM Services company with a client-centric approach, Techture offers flexible engagement models to hire dedicated BIM Managers as per business needs.

Practical BIM Solutions

Our BIM Managers team has unmatched experience in working with diverse industry verticals like Real-Estate, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Healthcare, Educational, and Infrastructural. This helps us to apply our experience to suggesting, developing, and delivering robust and affordable solutions for small, medium, and large-scale projects globally.

Relevant Services

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BIM Coordination

Our BIM Managers work on detailed models even for complex structures with specific system, object or assembly in terms of quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. They guide the BIM modeling team in the right direction at every stage.

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Tender and Pre-tender Support

We have a dedicated BIM Managers for offering Tender and Pretender support using highly accurate drawings, BIM assistance and consulting, suggesting design changes, Clean and clash free model, evaluation and audit of design models and evaluating tender quantities.

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BEP Creation

BIM Engineers team at Techture has years of experience in preparing Shop Drawing. These shop drawings benefit clients at the execution phase as all the changes that take place during the construction process are incorporated.

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BIM Implementation

We help our clients in creating a database of the components to maintain for all the disciplines like Architecture, Structure, MEP and interior. This database provides a single source of extracting the families to place or edit them as per the requirement and standards of the project.

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Technology Support

Our BIM managers provide technology support to setup workflows for on-site BIM professionals, help teams to take leverage of BIM workflows and digitize traditional approaches.

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Our BIM Managers train the BIM team of our clients and help them set up a procedure which can be easier for implementation and highly effective. We offer a lot of training to our clients to keep up with the latest tools and software.

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