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We have rich experience of working on Infrastructural projects with government organizations, where we provide multiple services around BIM, project management, technology, and Business consulting.

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We have rich experience of working on Infrastructural projects with government organizations, where we provide multiple services around BIM, project management, technology, and Business consulting.

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In the past several years, we have worked with multiple Government organizations and offered multiple services to support different functions across the project lifecycle through various stakeholders.


We provide services to our governments throughout the project lifecycle. By creating a digital built-in environment, we give our clients space to work on their plans and ideas and execute things as planned. We provide end-to-end services for our, simplifying the whole procedure.



  • BIM Modeling and Clash detection
  • Visualization, Modeling, and Renderings
  • Accurate Estimations


  • Laser Scan / BIM production
  • 4D & 5D Simulation for effective planning
  • Value Engineering


  • Progress Tracking and Updating models
  • Model enhancement with Data
  • As-Built deliverables.


  • COBie setup
  • Intelligent Family/ component creation
  • Integration with other software and IoT devices
BIM management

BIM management

  • Reviewing and Validating models
  • Clash detection
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • BIM Project management
Custom App development

Custom App development

  • Custom App development for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management
  • Portals for Data Visualization
  • Dashbaords for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

About Us

Techture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified consulting firm working to provide collaborative solutions in the field of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction by leveraging Building Information Modelling (BIM) and allied technologies.

Techture has experience in working and handling project teams that work in different geographical regions. We know the process of using Revit Server, BIM 360, and similar applications and IT procedures to host the same model on the cloud server so that the team in different project locations can work on the same model at the same time, without the need for transmitting or exporting the model to different locations repeatedly.

Also, we have hands-on experience with Common Data Environments like Aconex, Viewpoint, ProjectWise, etc., and platforms like BIM 360 which provide an online platform so that all the stakeholders from the client side see the model on their browsers, mark any comments and manage documentation on the cloud server without the need of everyone having a dedicated software and hardware.

The Techture Advantage

For Infrastructural projects, we are capable to work across Transportation, Water and Sewer treatment, Energy generation and power transmission and distribution, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Industrial Warehousing, and other Heavy Civil Infrastructure projects. Every government has different regulations and compliance for factors like Fire, Sanity, Water, Environment, Building code / bye-laws, land use, and zoning, parking services, etc. We ensure that we offer tailor-made services to governments by considering all these parameters.

Why Techture?
Methodology and use cases

Methodology and use cases

Generally, the construction of infrastructure projects lasts for a longer duration and undergoes multiple changes in terms of designs, organizational structure, workflows, etc. These changes make it difficult for stakeholders to work with data, especially at the time of commissioning and handover. Our BIM services solve this issue by creating a single, integrated and centralized view for the project-specific data. A cloud-hosted platform provides a high degree of security and compliance protocols such as SOC2 to ensure proper management of data and privacy protection. We create a platform for government organizations to help their stakeholders collaborate together and set up tools for controlled sharing to strengthen Document management. Our tools also help stakeholders visualize the scope of work through 2D and 3D drawings and models, mark issues, and generate RFIs for Issue management. With effective compliance and reporting the overall execution efficiency of the project increases.



We provide a comprehensive range of BIM services for the AEC domain to empower your projects with the latest and industry-best technology solutions

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