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Ready to take your projects to the next level? Meet our talented BIM engineers, architects, and software developers, and see how they can elevate your construction projects.

General Contractors

To meet various project needs, Techutre offers full-time, part time and hourly hiring for dedicated Engineers & Architects.

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BIM Engineers

Our BIM engineers have experience across various domains, including Architectural, Structural, MEP , and Infrastructural segments. Their expertise spans a wide range of software and technology solutions, enabling them to contribute effectively to diverse construction and engineering projects. Moreover, our team of BIM engineers is well-versed in international standards and codes, ensuring that projects are executed in compliance with global best practices and regulatory requirements.

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BIM Architects

We have a dedicated team of BIM architects who combine their architectural expertise with cutting-edge BIM technology to deliver innovative and sustainable designs. They’re highly conversant in using the state of the art software packages Autodesk Revit & Navisworks and proficiently integrate architectural elements into comprehensive BIM models, enabling efficient visualization, analysis, and accurate documentation for your construction projects.

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BIM Coordinators

Our detail-oriented BIM Coordinators serve as the backbone of your project's success. They manage conflict resolution, uphold data integrity, and coordinate the seamless flow of information among many disciplines with an eye for detail. They have extensive experience in doing projects for various clients spread across the globe.

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BIM Software Developers

Our talented BIM software developers are at the forefront of innovation, crafting tailor-made BIM products, solutions, plugins & scripts that streamline project workflows and boost efficiency. Through their expertise, they empower you to tackle complex challenges and achieve remarkable results in your construction and design endeavors.

Man with digital workflow.

BIM Managers

Our experienced BIM Managers take charge of the entire BIM project lifecycle, from planning to execution. They strategically implement BIM methodologies, manage resources effectively, and ensure seamless collaboration among team members. With their adept leadership, your projects will benefit from streamlined processes and successful project delivery.

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