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Business Intelligence and Analytics

We assist our clients with Business Intelligence & Data Analytics where construction companies use strategies, technologies, and tools  to collect information of Operations and this data is represented using visual interactive dashboards for analysis and effective decision-making.


Custom dashboards
for project tracking

When it comes to developing interactive dashboards, we specialize in customi zing the dashboards as per your needs. We follow a series of steps to formulate the solution as per your requirement. Project progress can be tracked effectively with Plan in reference.

Custom dashboards for project tracking


All the components of the dashboard are finalized in this section. The user flow is defined and data collection sources are finalized.



The layout of the dashboard is designed and client’s feedback is taken before proceeding further. If there is a drilldown, the levels of the drilldown are defined, with appropriate filters.



The dashboard is developed by our team and feedback from clients help our team in revisions and iterations. The dashboard is deployed after final approval.



We try to understand the pain-points of the clients, try to understand their vision with the solution and fix the KPIs that will be used to monitor. The platform for developing the dashboards is also decided in this phase.



Documentation helps users to understand the whole process of Data collection and how they can take maximum leverage out of the dashboard to track the progress.

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Why you should incorporate Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in your organization?

Why you should incorporate Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in your organization?

Platforms used to create dashboards

We typically use the most widely used tools to deliver Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions.

Power BI
Power BI
Looker Studio
Looker Studio

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