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Explore Synchro 4D : 5 Key Reasons It's Your Best Tool

Khaza Nawaz Md.
April 20, 2024

What is Synchro 4D?

Synchro 4D is a software platform used in construction project management that specializes in 4D planning. It integrates 3D modeling with scheduling data to create a visual simulation of the construction process over time. This allows project managers to visualize the progress of construction activities, identify potential clashes or delays, and optimize scheduling to improve efficiency and mitigate risks. Synchro 4D helps stakeholders better understand the project timeline and make informed decisions throughout its lifecycle.

Tools in Synchro 4D:

Synchro 4D Pro:

The primary tool in the line-up is SYNCHRO 4D Pro. Pro serves as the central tool for producing 4D models. Users typically begin by either crafting a construction schedule within Pro or importing one from another scheduling software. They then import a 3D model and connect the activities in the construction schedule to their respective 3D objects in the model. Once this setup is done, users can leverage Pro's numerous powerful features for enhanced project management.

Synchro 4D Pro

Synchro Modeler:

SYNCHRO Modeler is a tool designed to transform non-constructible models into buildable components. It efficiently divides design models into realistic quantities, assigns cost codes based on project specifics, and maintains geometric information for each component. Practical applications include slicing slabs, dividing bridge decks, or creating column splices. As the model is split, data such as volume, length, or area is automatically generated for each quantity.

After dividing the geometry and assigning cost codes, quantity take-offs are produced, and the data can be exported to an Excel sheet. This estimation process relies on the design model, and the Modeler's work can be integrated into Pro to enrich the overall 4D model. The user interface is straightforward and complements the overall 4D workflow. For further information on the SYNCHRO Modeler, watch the video below.

Synchro Modeler

Synchro Control:

SYNCHRO Control is a web-based project management portal designed to store construction documentation related to a project, including RFIs, submittals, engineering drawings, and observation reports. Project managers can control access levels for team members working on different projects. Tasks created can be geo-located on the 4D model or map view, providing context for where issues are happening on the project site.

In addition, 4D models created in Pro can be shared with colleagues or clients, all through Control’s web-based portal. This is great if access to the 4D model is needed and Pro is not downloaded on a desktop. The construction sequence can be played back, the schedule can be analyzed in detail, and comments can be added at any point.

Synchro Control

Synchro Field:

SYNCHRO Field is the counterpart to SYNCHRO Control, designed for on-site use. Available for download on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, Field allows construction crews to access project documentation, create issues, generate observation reports, capture site photos, and view the 4D model in real-time. This application equips site engineers, superintendents, foremen, and inspectors with accurate project information for reporting on actual project conditions.

Reasons why Synchro should be Your 4D BIM tool:

Model-Based scheduling:

4D BIM tools integrate 3D models with project schedules, allowing planners to visualize both the physical components of a construction project and the corresponding timeline in a single environment. This capability, known as model-based scheduling, enables planners to better coordinate construction activities, identify potential conflicts or delays, and optimize project sequencing. By linking the 3D model with the project schedule, stakeholders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's progress and make more informed decisions throughout its lifecycle.

Model-Based scheduling

Ensure high-quality projects, eliminate rework, and protect your budget:

You can review, communicate, and cooperate in a digital and interactive visual environment with your project team. Everyone can perform at a higher level with access to real-time information. You can now, validate and optimize your project plan years before you start on site.  With SYNCHRO 4D, you can save time and money when you identify scheduling problems in advance of the work.

Project monitoring through 4D graphical representation:

The dynamic 4D model facilitates a graphical comparison between the planned schedule and the actual progress. To ensure accurate comparison, the schedule linked to the 3D model must be continuously updated during construction to reflect real-time dates.

Project monitoring through 4D graphical representation

Better project interdisciplinary coordination:

The platform enhances construction planning and management by conducting multiple simulations and streamlining team coordination. It ensures all project members are aligned and aware of upcoming tasks by visualizing the construction progress, promoting a cohesive understanding of the workflow.

project interdisciplinary coordination


In conclusion, SYNCHRO 4D offers a powerful suite of tools and features that streamline construction project management processes, making it a compelling choice for organizations looking to optimize efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive successful project outcomes. Further exploration of its capabilities is highly encouraged for potential users seeking to elevate their construction project management practices.


Can SYNCHRO 4D integrate with other BIM software?

Yes, SYNCHRO 4D can integrate with other (BIM) software platforms. This interoperability allows users to leverage the strengths of multiple software tools and streamline their workflows.

Is SYNCHRO 4D suitable for projects of all sizes?

Yes, Synchro 4D is suitable for projects of various sizes, ranging from small-scale to large-scale construction projects. Its flexible features and functionalities can be adapted to meet the specific needs and complexities of different projects.

It is versatility, scalability, and user-friendly interface make it suitable for projects of all sizes, from small-scale residential developments to large-scale infrastructure projects.

How does SYNCHRO 4D contribute to sustainability in construction?

SYNCHRO 4D optimizes construction processes, reducing resource wastage and minimizing environmental impact through efficient scheduling and coordination, ultimately promoting sustainability in construction.

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